Wildlife Photography Tour

Do you like to see wildlife from a different prospective?? We offer Guided Wildlife Photography tips!! They can take place anytime of year but a lot of people like to see the beautiful Northern Maine woods foliage with Moose.

If Moose are your thing the best time for us to call one in for you to take pictures of them are between September 17-October 7, 2023 (Dates subject to chance from year to year). During this time we will do week long (Sunday to Saturday; 6n/7d) or 3 night stays (minimum stay), we will provide all meals & non-acholic beverages, Professional Guide, supply the transportation and call the moose in. It is quite the experience to see a Bull moose get called in! The moose will respond best during these dates due to coming into the Rut, and being in Peak Rut around the first week of October. We Only have two weeks for Moose Photography due to Moose hunting season.

Would you like a Maine Black Bear Photography opportunity?? We can help you with that!! We have some bait sites set up with either ground blinds or tree stands, where you can get some great photos of mama bears with cubs or papa bear and you might even see a fisher!

We would like to let our Photographers know that, these are wild animals. They do not always cooperate but we will do everything we can to get them to come out for you.

We run Wildlife Tours starting in June and end in October.

Photography Weeks Break Down

Moose Specific Tour Weeks

September 17 to September 23, 2023

October 1 to October 7, 2023

Bear Specific Tour Weeks

August 6 to August 12, 2023

August 13 to August 19, 2023

August 20 to August 26, 2023

All Tours are from Sunday to Saturday. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Dates vary from year to year. Please Note that a lot of factors come into play when calling in a moose and they are a wild animal.

Pricing for Photography Wildlife Tours

Adults $300 per person per night (17 years of age and Up)

Kids $200 per person per night (11 to 16 years of age)

Young Kids $125 per person per night (6 to 10 years of age)

Adults $1500 per person per week (17 years of age and Up)

Kids $1000 per person per week (11 to 16 years of age)

Young Kids $600 per person per week (6 to 10 years of age)

Young children 5 and younger are Free.

All Tours are subject to Maine State taxes and Fees.

These Prices are for the Tour of your choice. (Bear or Moose) If you would like to add an Evening Moose Tour Ride to a Bear Photography Package it will be an additional cost. Adults (17 years of age and UP) $50 per tour. Kids (11 to 16 years of age) $35 per tour and Young Kids (6 to 10) $20 per tour.

Deposit and Cancellation

Deposits for Wildlife Tours are 50% at the time of booking. Non-Refundable.

Balance Due 30 days before your Wildlife Tour.

Fall Accommodations are NON- Refundable.

You may cancel your Tour before the 30 day mark without paying the balance due.

Cancellation after balance is paid is NON-Refundable and dates NON-Transferable.

We accept all major credit cards at this time.