Welcome to West Branch Kiko Goat Farm!!

West Branch Kiko Goat Farm was started March of 2021. We are raising a small herd of meat goats but they are much more than just a meat goat. They are fun companions that can clean out an over grown area in just days. They are veracious little eaters and not much stands a chance against this guys and girls!

I am sure you all are wondering if we have named them….well to answer that question we have! The goat pictured with the tag in his hear is Lord Baxter of the North (Registered Buck). The rest of the boys are : Jasper, Mr. Waddles, Maverick, Clyde and three do not have names. The ladies: Willow, Helen, Lilly, Clover, Bonnie, Daisy, and Mama. If everything goes well we will have little babies next spring.

We ask if you are staying at the lodge to please refrain from entering the pasture or barn in case you get nipped (they are quiet mouthy) or they try and head but you. We do not want anyone to get hurt.