Professional Leashed Dog Tracking & Recovery

Do you need help finding the Moose, Deer or Bear you have shot? We can help you with that!! We have 3 well trained Labs that can help you through the hard times of tracking weather it be day or night.

Tracking Fees for our Home Zones of 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Leashed Dock Tracking & Recovery Fees:

Moose: $250 per track

Bear: $175 per track

Deer: $125 per track

Please Add $75 to Enter North Maine Woods

Tracking Fees outside of our primary Zones based on milage from Rustic Retreat Lodge Location in Perham, Maine is 50 cents per mile round trip.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE any recover as we take a change that the animal may still be alive or other factors maybe in play like weather. We will always do our best to recover any animal we track. We reserve the right to make the decision to end a track at any time if we believe the animal is just wounded or if the dogs just can’t keep on the track.

Payment must be made prior to your leashed tracking service being performed with proper Documation signed by the person hiring us for our Servies.

If you feel that you cannot afford our rates, please still reach out to us and give us a call. We would rather try to work something out with you to recover your game animal then leave it dead/suffering somewhere.